What We Believe

The United Methodist Church is a connectional denomination of more than 48,000 local churches and over 10 million people around the world. The primary mission of the United Methodist Church is to encourage the discipleship of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. United Methodists are noted for the celebration of varying viewpoints, and firmly believe that all 10 million plus members of the United Methodist Church, the conservative and the liberal, the traditional and the progressive, are connected as sisters and brothers in Jesus Christ. This is reflected in the United Methodist viewpoint of Open Doors, Open Minds, and Open Hearts.

Together, we affirm the core beliefs of the Christian faith:

“We believe in God, the creator of the world; and in Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of creation.
We believe in the Holy Spirit, through whom we acknowledge God’s gifts,
and we repent of our sin in misusing these gifts to idolatrous ends.
We commit ourselves to the rights of men, women, youth, young adults, the aging,
and those with handicapping conditions; to improvement of the quality of life;
and to the rights and dignity of racial, ethnic, and religious minorities.
We dedicate ourselves to peace throughout the world, to freedom for all peoples,
and to the rule of justice and law among nations.
We believe in the present and the final triumph of God’s Word in human affairs,
and gladly accept our commission to manifest the life of the gospel in the world.”